CURRENT FOCUS: HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN KOLKATA, INDIA in collaboration with The Village Experience + Women's Interlink Foundation

 Our current focus is to support young girls who are living in dire poverty and have no families (many of the young girls are orphans and sex trafficking survivors). It is in support of a project initiated by the Women’s Interlink Foundation in India.

The Women’s Interlink Foundation is currently creating homes for these women and young girls who are helpless and in urgent need of shelter and care – both physical and psychological. Children and women who have no families not only suffer from a lack of shelter, nutrition, and health care, but also from an absence of the love and affection that is cultivated in a healthy family environment. There is thus a profound emotional isolation that these women and children experience.

To try to remedy this, the Women’s Interlink Foundation is setting up housing units where children and women can positively interact, providing a nourishing environment where women of all ages can heal, strengthen each other, and foster a healthy community spirit of feminine empowerment. For instance, the young girls and orphans will finally have “aunts” and “grandmothers” to talk to and learn from. And the elderly women will be surrounded with the laughter and warmth of children and teenagers – banishing their sense of loneliness and strengthening their emotional well-being.

The Women’s Interlink Foundation will provide staff to meet the health care, nutritional, and other needs of the community. There will be approximately 25 elderly women (aged sixty and above) – all of whom are in desperate need of housing and food.

The ground floor – which has been recently renovated – will contain a dining space, kitchen, office room, and a counseling room.


In 2017, we were able to fund a classroom at our Teacher's, Yogrishi Vishvketu, school near Haridwar in Northern India.